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Miconic 10
Permanent Magnet Drive

Variodyn - Variable Frequency Drive

Schindler's Variodyn® variable frequency system with variable voltage delivers leading variable frequency technology for the new generation of elevator drives. The system features an extremely low energy consumption and is highly reliable. Variodyn's precise velocity control delivers superb ride comfort and stopping accuracy. Both gearless and geared drives are supported. It is the natural successor to Schindler's pioneering Dynatron and Transitronic drives.

Acceleration curve with Variodyn

Variodyn performance curve
Variodyn's modular system architecture allows the use of a full range of power modules with different KVA ratings. Each Variodyn installation is matched to the requirements of the individual building. Performance options are exceptionally wide - up to 10 m/s contract speed, up to 5000 kg capacity.

Solid state electronics allow compact design and enhanced reliability. Self-monitoring further improves overall system availability.

System architecture
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